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Mentoring is an aspect of life that none of us can go without. We see and here of so many success stories and the first question that comes to mind is how did he do that? Most of the the time is was because they belong to the right sports club or association that gave them the correct training or coaching. The next factor that you will find is that they had a voice in their lives. A specific person that kept speaking into them as a person. Speaking to them about their strengths and weaknesses in their career and into their character. Teaching them how to have a healthy mind and soul, so that they can pace themselves for long term success. Life is about relationships and we all need them. How we engage with relationships determines our success in life. It determines our success in marriage and our success in our career. Relationships are very important to our well being as men.

Warren Buffet had a lecturer at college (who was his mentor) and that lecturer gave his students access to information that would change all of their lives. That lecturer could easily have gone out into business and only applied the principles for his own gain but he did not. He chose to mentor and Warren Buffet will tell you that if it had not been for his mentor, he would not have been able to do what he does today. If we look at the bible, Jesus spent most of his 3 year ministry mentoring men. He showed them and taught them everything that the Father had planned for their lives. Even though none of them stayed by his side during his hour of greatest need. After he was gone they knew what each had to do. Why? Because they were mentored(discipled) by Jesus.

b MEN is a men’s mentoring network that connects men to strategic mentoring groups and we gather every 3 months to build relationships, connect with mentors and to have a great time. If you have a need for good role models and mentors in your life then b MEN is what you have been looking for.

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